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"Polishing Stainless Steel Rust is Absolutely
Essential to protect
 Valuable Assets!"

So, why does Stainless Steel Rust less than normal steel?

To start we have to understand that Stainless Steel is made in many different "grades", for many different uses.

There are 4 "main grades" of stainless steel. Which grade is used for what, depends on kind of things are made out of the steel, and in what conditions it
is used in.

When an unsuitable grade of stainless steel is used for the wrong condition or application, then it will behave like any other iron-based metal. The steel starts corroding when exposed to oxygen and stainless steel rust appears on the surface of the metal.

For example, if a piece of stainless steel is expost to salt water, the salt will destroy the protective layer faster, than the layer can repair itself.

Stainless Steel has its own unique “healing ability” and restores itself. This is what we call stainless steel rust resistance.

Oxidation causes the rust. Corrosion is when rust eats into the steel and over time tiny holes appear in the steel. The longer the Stainless Steel is left in this condition, the more visible the holes become.

This situation can happen in a wide variety of environmental conditions, such as: being close to the sea and exposed to sand, wind, rain, sun heat.

What Kind of Steel is Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is a hardened metal made from iron.

Mixing an iron base metal with a combination of chemical substances, the
chemistry combines, the alloy steel will be hardened and more resistant to
oxidation and corrosion.

Chromium increases the hardness, strength and toughness to provide resistance to wear, tear and corrosion.

It is this particular element that gives stainless steel its ability to “Stainless” or "Rust Less" when you compare it to other types of steel.

When nickel, molybdenum and niobium are all added to the iron mixture, then the increase of strenght, hardness and toughness is even more durable.

It is the chromium in the steel when combined with oxygen that forms a thin, invisible outer layer of chrome-containing oxide. This special layer is only a few atoms thick and this element protects the steel layer underneath it.

The name stainless steel originated from the fact that stainless steel corrodes or "Rust Less" easily than ordinary steel. (Hence the name "stainless").

Does this mean, polishing Stainless Steel rust not done on a regular base the metal is not deteriorating?

To tell you the truth, if you do nothing it will deteriorate!

Somethings we have to remember:

The weather conditions and our oxygen-rich atmosphere guarantees us that any iron-based metal will never be 100% rust and corrosion proof.

We have to understand that stainless steel is not rust and corrosion proof, it just has a resistance to to oxidation.

The exercise of Polishing Stainless Steel Rust is to remove all the dirt and rust particles from the Stainless Steel. Removing these particles will give your valuable Asset a new live.

The best remedy to keep Stainless Steel in Tip Top condition, is to have all the scratches and rust removed on a regular base.

So, keep in mind Low Maintenance does not mean
NO maintenance!



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