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"Mobile Stainless Steel Polishing Service" 

At the Gold Coast and Brisbane Area

VS Stainless Polishing operates the most reliable Mobile Polishing Service at the Gold Coast and the Brisbane area of Australia.


As soon as you rejuvenated your Stainless Steel, the product will have a great look, is easier to clean and gives it a longer life span.

Our mobile stainless steel polishing services specialises in polishing scratches, tea stains and rust from a whole range or household and commercial stainless steel items, such as:

  • Stainless steel Lift doors

  • Stainless steel Lift door surroundings

  • Stainless steel Hand railings for swimming pools, stairs, balustrades

  • Stainless steel Spigots for holding glass panels in place

  • Stainless steel Bollards

  • Stainless steel Sinages and lettering for businesses and resort complexes

  • Stainless Steel sheets surroundings at front door entrences 

  • Stainless steel kitchen sinks and benches in domestic and commercial kitchens

  • Large stainless steel kitchen appliances, eg. refridgerator or dishwasher

  • Stainless steel Laudry tubs

  • Stainless steel Barbeques and Rangehoods

  • Stainless steel Art sculptures

  • And any other things that are made out of stainless steel or even Copper, like the copper art fish.


A Stainless Steel Barbeque must have a regular mobile polishing service.

Stainless Steel polishing maintenance of a outdoor barbeque.
  Mobile Polishing Service cleaned stainless steel sheets of a resort entree doors. 
Polished stainless steel 
sheets of lobby doors.

  Our mobile polishing service Polished stainless steel handrailings on entree bridge in front of a building. 
Stainless steel polishing maintenance of handrailings. 
  Polishing Copper Art Feature in Pond in front of a holiday resort building 
Polishing copper art fish in pond in fron of a Resort. 

Here is what we do for You:

We come to You ............. All work is completed on site.
The advantage! ............. Everything stays in place.
There is no need for electricans and/or plumbers.

 VS Stainless Polishing is a customer orientated Stainless Steel Polishing Business - "The One" - you can trust!

We have Custom designed Stainless Steel Polishing Maintenance Programs in place with You in mind.

Contact our Mobile Polishing Service and start a
Stainless Steel Maintenance
Program for polishing your:
stainless steel Liftdoors, handrailing, Barbeques or
anything else that is made from Stainless Steel!


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