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"Why Stainless Steel Polishing?"

The key reason why you should be polishing stainless steel.

The name Stainless Steel comes from the fact that Stainless Steel is less likely to get oxidation than normal steel such as stainless steel tea stains, blemishes and rust.

Over time stainless steel may begin to look brownish and unattractive.

This discoloration is called tea staining and is caused by corrosion and oxidation of the metal.


Stainless polishing tea stains from a stainless steel bollard.
Stainless steel bollard covert in tea stains before cleaning and polishing.

Why Polishing Stainless Steel Tea Stains
is worth paying attention to

Polishing Stainless Steel is a process of cleaning an alloy metal from dirt, grime, watermarks and scuff marks from the outer layer of Stainless Steel to smooth the surface. Therefore creating a new formed protective layer that will act as a rust preventer.

The reality is when Stainless Steel is left in the open, the steel can easily respond to oxidation as any other iron-based steel.

Changing weather conditions and harsh environments are the main damaging factors in causing Stainless Steel to discolour.

Particularly when the steel is exposed to
wind - rain - salt - sand - as well as, the vapors of strong chemicals such as chlorine and salt used in swimming pool water.


Maintaining your stainless steel is very important so start polishing stainless steel tea stains
Bottom of stainless steel lift door before removing
tea stain from stainless steel and panel.

Enhance your stainless steel properties through polishing stainless steel tea stains.
Stainless steel liftdoor after removing stainless steel
tea stains and scratches.

If Stainless Steel is not kept in 'Tip-Top' condition the surface layer can easily be damaged. Very often a reddish brown coating what is called "surface rust" or "stainless steel tea stain" will become visible.

As time passes by, this innocent looking rust or "stainless steel tea stain" (not to confuse this tea stain with a stain actually caused by tea you drink) will certainly grow and spread resulting in the Stainless Steel gradually deteriorating.

When this stainless steel tea stain is left on Stainless Steel for too long it causes the rust to eat into the Stainless Steel then tiny holes will appear creating a rough surface (so called 'pitting').

This is especially true for surfaces that has been scratched and where pieces of steel has been joined together, like metal joints.

Tea stains on stainless steel bollard to be polished
Tea stain on stainless steel.

How can VS Stainless Polishing help You?

There is a quick and easy way for you to have Your Stainless Steel constantly showing an attractive appearance - without You having to lift one finger.

Think about a Maintenance Program for polishing your Stainless Steel to keep your stainless steel in good condition, such as:

* Liftdoors
* Handrailings
* Barbeques
* Kitchen Sinks
* Splashbacks
* Kitchen Benches and
* Anything else that is made from
   Stainless Steel.

Contact vs stainless polishing to keep tea stains off your stainless steel gates.

Stainless steel tea stains removed from art entrance gate.

Here is what we do:

  • We come to to you .... All work is completed on site.
  • The advantage ............... Everything stays in place.
  • There is no need ... for electricans and/or plumbers.

    We have Custom designed Stainless Steel Polishing Programs
    in place with You in mind.
    Contact VS Stainless Polishing
    for a FREE Quote!

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